ESP 2 (Medical Officer)
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Per person
• Physical Examination
Physical Examination & History Taking
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Blood Pressure screening
Vision Test (Snellen chart)
• Chest X-ray
• Lung Function Test
• Exercise Treadmill
• Executive Blood & Urine Screening (GP61C)
- Full Blood Count
- Blood Group & Rhesus Typing
- Liver Function Test
- Renal Profile (Kidney Analysis)
- Diabetic Screening (fasting blood sugar)
- Lipid / Coronary Profile (Cholesterol breakdown)
- Hepatitis A screening
- Hepatitis B Screening
- VDRL screening (Syphilis)
- Thyroid Function (TSH)
- Rheumatoid Factor
- Urine FEME Screening

•Typed Executive Medical Report

Light refreshments will be provided for one (1)

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RM 760

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